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3 Happiness Tips to Get You Out of the Holiday Funk

Posted: Jan 15 2015 by Lookbook Store

Stuck in the holiday doldrums? Fret not. We all experience that. After a big holiday break, what with the parties and all, the thing that we most want is to just go home,  sleep for hours or just do nothing to unwind.


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But that's hard to do when reality hits you like a ton of bricks. There's work or school to back to apart from the myriad of other activities you have lined up for the year.


Sure, you're looking forward to going back to your normal daily routine, but we're pretty sure that a lot of you secretly wish the fun would never end.


Getting out of bed every Monday morning to start your day is such a drag that you show up to work or school doing what you have to do perfunctorily.


Well, that's not a smart way to start the year, right? Indeed not.


So below are some tips you could do to get out of the holiday funk and start working or schooling, like it's the best thing that's ever happened to you:


  1. Decide NOW to be happy.

Yep, this sounds cliché but it's true. There's no denying that happiness is a choice.  So if you choose to be happy, good things will come your way. It always does. Trust us.

Can't seem make it work for you? Start by counting your blessings the moment you wake up. Be thankful that you have a job to help you earn or that you're in school to prepare yourself for a better future.


  1. Slow down a little.

Notice how marathoners speed up at the last leg of the race instead of the first? That's because if they give their best at the start, they'll burn out quickly. And that's what you should probably do, too, if you're feeling in the rut. Don't burn the midnight oil unless you really have to. In the mean time, don't rush things. Read a book. Go shopping. Chillax a bit. You get the picture. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out before the fun starts.


  1. Invest on what gives you joy.

Inject a bit of fun in to your daily routine. For instance, if you have to study for an upcoming long test, take a break by reading or shopping. Take a walk, even. By surrounding yourself with what makes you happy, you realize that all the mundane tasks you have to do every day  doesn't suck at all because you have something to look forward to at the end of the day.


And that's it. Getting out of the holiday drudgery can be hard to do, but it's possible. Start by doing these things and you'll be feeling normal again. Good luck!



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  • Posted by Mae Fatima on January 15, 2015

    I’m still stuck with all the Holiday jam even after 3 week. Thanks a lot for these tips! :*

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