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Grace Under Pressure: 5 Beauty Tips to Surviving the Christmas Season

Posted: Dec 12 2014 by Lookbook Store


It's Christmas time once again.


And as always, the party never ends.


There are  dinner invitations here and there and parties everywhere. It seems that Christmas is not only a season of gift giving but also of festivity. 


So how do I stay pretty with all delightful chaos?  You ask.


Well, it's pretty simple. Here are 5 tips you could use to keep you in style as you go through with all the holiday festivities.


Tip 1: Carry a perfume bottle in your bag.

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Smelling fresh and citrusy is one of the best ways you can do to be party-ready any time. A dab of a fragrance is enough to make you well-prepared to dance the night away even if you're invited at the last minute.


Won't fit in your clutch? Don't worry because you can carry with you a mini spray-on bottle of your favorite perfume scent. That way, you'll smell fresh wherever you go even if you just spent and entire day at the office.


Tip 2: Wear an LBD.

Cutout back bodycon dress


LBDs are the perfect choice when you need something to wear from day to night.  The trick is just to wear something that will make your dress appropriate either in the office or to a dinner party.


Tip 3: Use eye drops to make you selfie ready.




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Having red bloodshot eyes on a picture that's caused other than the flash of a camera  is a major turn off. So if the party gets going until the wee hours of the morning, then an eye drop can keep your pretty peepers from looking tired.


Tip 4: Wear classic red on your luscious lips.


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You'll never know when you'll stand under a mistletoe with a cutie. If that happens, you'll want your lips to be extra kissable. Because when it comes hot guys, it's way better to kiss them than hear them ramble about football and stuff. (wink, wink)


Tip 5: Put on something sky blue on.


Don't let SAD get to you by wearing something blue, baby blue or periwinkle. The color, which reminds us of warm sunny days, is sure to cheer you up and make you look full of life.


It's the season of merry making this time around and, for sure, you don't want to miss out on all the fun. So be party-ready with these beauty tips.



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