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Pre-Christmas Shopping: Gift Ideas to Buy for Your BFFs

Posted: Nov 22 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hey there, pretties! In our last post, we gave some pretty nifty shopping tips on how to avoid the holiday rush. We hope  that you find them helpful, especially now that December is just around the corner. It won't be long when people will be doing their pre-Christmas shopping.

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Also, we mentioned in our last post that we're going to share some gift ideas to give to your BFFs.  And that's what we're going to do. But instead of listing down items, we thought we'd share to you gift ideas for the type of BFFs you have. Sounds good? Great. Let's start with your ...


Foodie friend

She likes to endure long queues at newly opened restaurants just to become one of the first patrons. It's with you that she gets to rant or rave over new food hypes or restaurants, and you enjoy talking about them over dinner. To surprise her, consider these:

  • Score two seats at one of the hardest restaurant reservations to get in town. She'll be forever impressed.
  • Almond butter. It's simply the new craze right now.
  • Madécasse. They say the world is running out chocolates, so you might as well get her one of the bests before they totally run out.


Fashion Fanatic


Geniune sheepskin jacket


She simply can't have enough clothes in her closet. She's updated with the latest trends, style hypes and fashion boutiques. For her, being one of the first to wear a style trend is like sitting right next to Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence on a plane. She'd just swoon with excitement. Make her go gaga even more by getting here one of these:

  • Geniune sheepskin jacket. It simply never goes out of style.
  • Clutch.  A girl simply needs at least one no-frill yet elegant clutch.
  • Little black dress. A girl can't simply have enough.


    Fitness Freak

    Organic food, 1-hour gym time daily, healthy snack options -- these are common topics of conversation with her. Show how much you love her despite her being overtly health conscious with these ideas:

    • Leggings. Let her exercise in style.
    • Fitness balls. They come in handy especially when the weather calls for staying indoors.
    • Next year's gym membership. It'll make her working out sessions even more worthwhile.

      These are just some ideas we've come up with. If you have more to share, please let us know at the comments below.


      Have fun shopping!



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