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Top 5 Street Styling Trends That Are Worth Checking Out

Posted: Nov 14 2014 by Lookbook Store

Besides the change in weather, another exciting thing that comes along with seasonal changes is style. Every season, there are always new fashion trends that dominate the runway and on to the streets. So for this post, Lookbook Store presents to you our top five trends for street styling in no particular order:

  1. The Prim and Proper Lady


 White layered mesh skirt


Think genteel when putting together a ladylike ensemble. But don't be afraid to mix your outfit by adding PU leather and shirt into the mix. This will help you create a prim look with a hint of urban chicness.


  1. Casual Suiting


 Grey asymmetric fit and flare blazer


Although tailored suits tend to look too formal, they can actually be dressed down with jeans and sneakers for a weekend stroll or a Sunday lunch date.

  1. Color Me Bad


 Must-have lavender sweater


Add a pop of color to your outfit and you'll surely stand out in a sea of winter-coat-clad pedestrians and in a backdrop of a gloomy cityscape.


  1. Military Pride


 Military green coat


Army-inspired clothing staples are leading a new trend of elegant utilitarianism. And if you want to jump in to the band wagon, like many of us have, you're very much welcome. 


  1. Summer Meets Autumn 


 A-line eyelash lace dress


It's really autumn but that doesn't mean you can't wear summer clothes. If you can brave the temperature, by all means. But if not, it's still not a crime to inject summer pieces in to your outfits. Really. Trust us.


There are no rigid rules to street styling, so go ahead and let your creativity shine.


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