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3 Style Rules You Should Be Forgetting by Now

Posted: Nov 12 2014 by Lookbook Store

Admit it. Following fashion rules to the letter can be tedious and, not to mention, boring. Where's the fun in not experimenting? What if you like to wear white after Labor Day? What if you're dying to wear a silver sequined dress to a garden luncheon because style rule dictates that's a major fashion faux pas?

C'mon, would you strictly adhere to those outdated rules? If you want to be fashion forward, you have to be a little moxie than that.

That said, here are some ideas you can try to help you muster the guts to break long-adhered but outdated style rules and gain glam points in the process.


Wear sequins during day

The first time is always the hardest. But if you play it right, you'll look more stunning and less of a drag queen who just spent the night at a disco club. The juxtaposition of a feminine party dress and a casual blazer just balances the look just right, making the dress perfect for day wear.


Mix Gold and Silver

Yes, you've probably heard the rule from your mom, grand mom or great grand mom that silver doesn't compliment with other metals. But we now live in the 21st century so that rule no longer applies. And mixing silver and gold can actually amp your jewelry style game.


Don sneakers with a gown

Thanks to Kristen Stewart's fashion-forward sense, you don't have to let your long dresses and gowns gather dust in the closet while waiting for the next big occasion to wear them. Just take it out, pair it with sneakers and you're good to go. Now that's what we call chic sporty gal.


And that's about it. Have fun experimenting!


Oh, if you've tried one of these tips, feel free to share them with us either through Facebook or Instagram.


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