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A Look at the Stars' Sublime to Ridiculous Halloween Costumes

Posted: Nov 06 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hey, there pretties! Did you have fun last Halloween? We hope you did. We also hoped that the Halloween costume ideas was also very helpful.  It was kind of short notice but we hope that you were able to pull together a costume with the help of some of our Lookbook Store items.

Anyway, enough of that. We're sure that some of you are still feeling a bit hungover from last week's bash. So we thought we'd deviate from our normal posts and talk about celebrities and their Halloween party costumes. And to make it interesting, we'll feature those we think are ridiculous to sublime. Check them out!

  1. Courteney Cox as ... Annabelle?

source: popsugar.com

We're not sure if she's trying to look cute or not. What do you think? If you ask us, she's as scary as that creepy doll that was made into a movie.

  1. Adam Sandler as Pirate


source: elle.com

Aye... we think it's cool him trying to pull off a bad-boy pirate look, but he's lacking on the clothing department. But don't worry Adam Sandlaer. We're still a big fan of Zohan Dvir.

  1. Lily Allen as the 'she' version of Dr. Luke

source: x17online.com

We admit. We're sort of conflicted on who to side with because as much as we're a fan of Lily Allen, we also fangirl over Ke$ha. So we're placing her on the 3rd spot because we can't really say we like or hate what she wore.

  1. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale as hot vampires

source: menzmag.com

They look hot sans the makeup and still look hot even if they play dress up. Way to go, Gwen and Gavin!

  1. Katy Perry as a crunchy hot Cheeto


 source: 9gag.com


Okay. We got to give hands down to quirky Katy. Not only did we not expect she'd show up flaming hot but as a Cheeto at that. We just love her, don't we?

And that's about it. We wonder what our favorite stars will wear next Halloween.



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