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3 Plus-Size Fashion Blogs Worth Reading

Posted: Oct 23 2014 by Lookbook Store

We love working with fashion bloggers. They're such an inspiration to us women. They're not afraid to showcase their own style but are also bold enough to start a new trend. But there's another side of fashion blogging that we really love.

And that is fashion blogging is not just for skinny women. Even full-figured gals have jumped in to the band wagon. More than that, they're also making waves in the blogosphere. And that's something that shouldn't be taken for granted.

That's why we thought we'd share to you three fashion bloggers that we know are inspiring a lot of plus-sized women around the globe. They have also inspired us in such a way to include size 12s to 14s in some of our items, such as this white lace cuff blouse. Hopefully, these bloggers will be an inspiration to you and to all of us.

Gabi Fresh

She  started her blog in 2008 as a hobby and look at her now. She's made several appearances on various TV shows, such as MTV. It goes to show that fashion is not just for skinny women. It's for everyone!


Fashion Love & Martinis

The lovely lady behind this blog is no other than Amanda Allison. California-born and raised, we love how she pulls off stylish ensembles effortlessly. Plus, we share the same mantra and that is all of us deserve to be happy and fashionable.

Girl with Curves

One thing we love about Tanesha is that she blogs to encourage women to instill a positive image within themselves, which is what is important nowadays. Her blog is worth the read if you're looking not only for style inspirations but words to uplift ourselves.

These three blogs are just a few among the many fashion bloggers out there that are worth the read. With these blogs, we hope that you'll continue to be inspired in terms of fashion. Have fun reading and happy styling!


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