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Styling Guide for Plus-Sized Fashionistas

Posted: Oct 17 2014 by Lookbook Store

Do you ever find it frustrating at times that, when it comes to fashion and style, people will think of skinny models and sizes not higher than four? Some of us do and that's why we always produce clothes in various sizes, ranging from the smallest size to 12 or 14.  The reason is we believe fashion is for everyone, regardless of age, size and shape.

Of course, considering that skinny ladies have different proportions than full-figured women, we thought we'd share to you some styling tips that are specially catered for plus-sized women. This way, all of us can look fashionable no matter what body size we wear.

For women with full figures, the golden rule is to look lean and curvy and not frumpy. In other words, learning how to dress around your natural curves in a flattering way. But enough talk. Let's get right to the rules, shall we?

Rule 1: Always make sure the dress will fit you properly.  Loose clothing will only add bulk to your already plus-sized frame, so that's the last thing you'll want to happen. It can be quite tempting to hide your curves through oversized clothes, but that's an outdated notion. Trust us when we say go for your right size.

Hi-Lo Bodice Dress


If you don't know how to get accurate body measurements, use this guide.

Rule 2: Vertical prints are your best friends. Another misconception some women have is that prints will work against you. That's not really the case. They can work against you, but if you play things right, prints can give you the desired shape.

Rule 3: Scale the prints. Another way to give you a leaner look is to scale the prints according to your proportion. Exercise caution when choosing prints as they can either make or break your look. If you can help it, mix printed pieces with solid colors to break them up.


Red Prep-school inspired dress


Rule 4: Get a good bra size. Saggy breasts, bra straps digging into your back, cup spillage -- these are the reasons getting a full-figure bra is important. The right bra can give your body the right structure to make you look extra flattering.

And that's about it. Remember these four golden rules, and you'll be able to look as fashionable and gorgeous as our skinny counterparts. Have fun styling!





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