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Fashion Tips for Different Body Types

Posted: Oct 15 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hey there, pretties! I hope you had a fun weekend. Also, we hope that you were able to take advantage of our Columbus Day sale. Anyway, today we'd like to share some tips that we're very sure you'll love.

Fashion is for everyone. So whether you're petite, plus-sized, boyish or whatever, you can be as stylish as every supermodels who have grazed runways and major fashion magazines. Of course, the trick to looking fashionable and attractive is to wear clothes that will make you look extra flattering regardless of your body type.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd share to you tips that can help you find the right clothing styles for your body type. But before that, look at yourself in front of a mirror and determine the shape of your body. Then consider the following:



For Pear Body Shaped

This kind of body shape generally has a well-defined waist. However, the upper body and torso is smaller than the hips. Then, the thighs and the butt are fuller or rounder. Pretty much like a pear, if you get what we mean.


What to wear:


Balance your look by focusing on what you have in the upper body. Wear dark pants or jeans in order to make your lower half look slimmer. To add weight to your shoulders, arms and bust, wear tops that are slightly A-lined embellished with stripes, polka dots and other attention-getting prints. Dresses with sweetheart necklines are great way to emphasize your bust as well.

A big no, no to pear-shaped bodies is wearing jeans, skirts or pants that are faded as they tend to call attention to your bottom half. Avoid wearing tight-fitting tops as well because they can make your hips, butt and thighs look bulkier than ever.



For Rectangle Body Shape




If you tend to gain weight evenly, your silhouette tend to look straight up and down, or you have little to zero waist definition, then you mostly likely have this type of body shape. This is commonly seen in women who has just given birth.


What to wear:


Look more feminine than boyish by choosing pieces that can give you curves in places that don't naturally exist. So go ahead and lavish yourself with tops and dresses with fun and colorful prints. Belts can add curve to your hips as well.

Do avoid clothes that appear masculine, such as boyfriend jeans or trousers with a straight cut. Flared jeans should also be avoided as they can make you look boxy and your silhouette look unbalanced.


For Apple Body Shape




Women who fall into this category tend to carry most of the weight around the mid-section. Pretty much like what an apple looks like. And the best way to look stunning is to choose clothes that will create an illusion of a slim waist.


What to wear:


Choose tops that have ribbing, pleating or seaming to draw away the eyes from the mid-section. Wrap-styles are also ideal as they create a look of a slim waist. Deep V-necks is even better as they can emphasize your bust while tricking the eyes of a thin waist. As for bottoms, go for pants and jeans that are straight legged to balance your look.

Steer clear from pieces with extreme prints and patterns as they can make your top half look heavy. A-line skirts should also be avoided as well as oversized clothes as they can be unflattering on you.


The Hourglass Shape




Women who have this kind of shape have a well-defined waist with the extra weight evenly distributed around the body. Also, the width in the hips are the same as those in the bust and shoulders. If this is you, lucky you because you have every reason to exaggerate your feminine silhouette.


What to wear:


You can wear just about any type of skirt, but full skirts are even better as they can make your waist tinier than it already is. Form-fitting pants and skirts can also accentuate your sexy figure in the right places. The same goes with V-neck tops, which can highly your bust even more.

Do know, though, that just because you're blessed with a feminine silhouette doesn't mean you can wear whatever you want and still look great. So don't wear any clothes with too much frills and ruffles in it because they can add more to the bulk. The same reason also applies for not choosing pieces with busy prints.


The Inverted Triangle Body Shape




For this type of shape, the hips are more narrow than the bust and shoulders. Women with this shape tend to have slim legs and a flat butt. Simply put, you have an athletic or sporty physique.


What to wear:


Wear any type of clothes that will make your hips and thighs look full and round. For instance, an A-line skirt or a peplum top. Such type of clothes can create curves around your hips so you'll look feminine. As for shoulders, soften the look by choosing tops that are soft and drapey. If you want to wear a sleeveless dress or top, go for those with a wide strap and a square neckline to balance the look.

Avoid wearing clothes that will further emphasize your wide shoulders. The trick is to create a well-balanced proportion by focusing on your lower half.

Whew! That was such a long post. But hopefully, this will be a big help to you as you choose clothes. By learning how to choose the right clothes, you'll be able to pull off a specially flattering outfit.


If you have any questions, just let ask us down at the comment section below.





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