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Fall Fashion: 3 Work Outfit Ideas to Try

Posted: Oct 10 2014 by Lookbook Store

While our design team are busy cooking up new fashion ideas to add to our ever-growing clothing collection, we're also busy thinking of new topics to write. And while looking at our website, we've noticed that some of the items are designed for casual wear and may not be office-appropriate by some corporate standards.


Thankfully, a thorough look of our product displays have revealed that even though some items are deemed too casual for office wear, there are still pieces that can be worn at the office. And what's good about them is that they're pretty stylish. So if you want to make a great impression through fashion, besides your skills and intelligence, here are three outfit ideas to try:


1. Dress up slim-fitting pants.


Leggings are generally for casual wear but, surprisingly, this pair of black-and-white slim leggings can be worn to work, provided that you wear an appropriate top or footwear with it.  So just like the photo above, wear a pair of ankle boots and a smart-looking blouse with it.



On a different note, wear a pair of high-waist peplum pants with pointed-toe heels. Then smarten it up with a collared-top and blazer. No one can tell that you're wearing skinny pants to work with this idea.


2. Collect clothes with enough coverage like crazy.



When it comes to dressing professionally, the name of the game is modesty. Although you don't have to be covered up from head to toe, it's best to wear clothes that will cover parts of your body that needs to be covered. After all, you'd want people to pay attention to you what you're saying instead of your bust or legs.



Additionally, the V-neck dress above is stylish piece to wear if you're heading to a presentation or wanting to impress a boss at a meeting. So you might want to consider such styles.


3. Smarten up your look with stylish outwear.


Because low temperatures keep us all bundled up, it's pays to invest in stylish coats and jackets. After all, what good is a lovely dress if it's covered? That said, you might as well amp up your style game with stylish outwear.



In addition to that, blazers have a stylish way of making a simple shirt look elegant. Simply put, if you want to look professional even in a casual-looking dress or shirt, wear a blazer over it.


By adding professional-looking clothing pieces, you can transform any type of clothes into appropriate office outfits. Just be sure to understand your company dress code before pulling off any daring fashion stunts to keep you from getting a memo from your boss.


Have fun styling!




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