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First-Date Fashion and Why They Matter

Posted: Oct 02 2014 by Lookbook Store

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When it comes to dating, many of us think that a clean, crisp dress, a pair of well-polished shoes and some light makeup are obvious choices to impress a date. However, dating experts reveal that what you choose to wear on a first date matters, especially if you want it to lead to a second date, a third, a fourth or maybe in to a real relationship.  

Sounds like a matter that needs over-thinking? Well, here are questions and answers to put your minds at ease about the fashion-dating debate.


Does the clothes you wear on a first date matter?

The answer? Yes! And a resounding one at that. The reason the whole dating game exists is for members of the opposite sex to get to know each other in a relaxing way. And for guys, though this will have to depend on the guy, the type of clothes women wear on their first meeting gives them a glimpse of who the girl is. In short, the clothes you wear is your way of personal branding.


Guys tend to look at clothes to determine if they will like the girl after the first date. So if you want to make an impression, dress your best. After all, first impressions tend to last so it's best to make the most of it.


Will clothing choices have an effect?

The answer is another yes. Although it pays to know that brands or labels matter less when it comes to dating. Rather, it's the fit or the state of your clothing you arrive in matters a great deal. Because if the clothes fit well or is clean, you'll look more confident and that's an important component to making great first impressions. 

So if you're going to shop for new dresses particularly online, be sure you know your body measurements to ensure the dress, top or skirt fits you.


What can I do to choose the right dating outfit?

Because it's hard to dictate dressing maxims specifically, it's best to try a little harder when it comes to choosing outfits. And to be on the safe side, stay away from overly offensive or political statements on shirts. Instead, go for ensembles that are presentable and pleasing to eyes. In short, it's best to show up on your first date looking as if you've put a lot of thought to your outfit. This way, you're sending a message that this date is important and that person you're meeting is somebody you would like to get to know more.


So plan ahead. Ask where your date will take you, what activities you'll be doing and many other details so you can plan on the kind of clothes you'll be wearing.


For a first date to succeed, a charming personality is not enough. It's also best to dress your best to make a great impression. So the next time you're asked out, plan your outfit. Good luck and have fun!




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