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Two Issues that Surround Street Fashion Blogging

Posted: Sep 25 2014 by Lookbook Store

First of all, we love street fashion. In fact, if you've noticed on our site, many of our designs are inspired by many street styling enthusiasts from across the globe. We just enhanced those products to make them wearable to the masses.

We even encourage many of our bloggers from around the world to showcase Lookbook Store items in their outfit posts in such a way that others won't feel intimidated when it comes to styling. So far, we've seen success as many others are also gaining confidence in taking their #OOTDs.


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In this post, however, we'd like to point out two concerns that may become a problem in the future, especially when you start a street fashion blog. What we're hoping to get out of this awareness is that you'll be able to take precautionary measures to protect yourself, whether its physically, mentally or emotionally.



Hecklers, Fashion Critics, Haters and Embarrassing Humor Blogs


We love fashion bloggers. They're an inspiration to the world. They help empower women through fashion. Yet despite the love a lot of us give, there are also those who heckle, criticize or even post embarrassing photos of people who've made one simple fashion faux pas. Remember People of Walmart? So if you receive negative comments or are bashed for being you, accept them constructively or ignore them totally. Do your best to improve, instead. But no matter what happens, don't allow yourself to succumb to what they want. Blog because you want to inspire women. Not to please hecklers and bashers.



Camera Phones, Copyright Images and Privacy Infringements

Crochet Shoulder Romper


There's a fine line between someone taking an artistic shot of a woman posing and someone who's stalking or, worse, taking photos of you without your consent and then posting them on the web. It's good if the one snapping the photo will post it on their own fashion blog just like what The Sartorialist did back in 2011, which by the way, created ripples on the web. But if not, it's going to be problem. So be aware of your surroundings when you're out on the streets for a photo shoot.


Street fashion blogging is a fun way to unleash your inner fashionista and influence women to dress better. But there are also issues that come with it. So it's best to consider them first so you'll know how to take preventive measure to avoid encountering problems in future.


Have fun blogging and do drop us a note every time you feature us on your posts.




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