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Chic Jeans: How to Make Jeans Work at the Office

Posted: Sep 19 2014 by Lookbook Store

You slept in through your buzzing alarm clock thinking it's Saturday morning. But as soon as reality hits, you realize you're going to be late for work if you don't get up. You jumped to the shower and then headed to your closet. As soon as you open, you gasp.

The only clean trousers you have is this:


Or something like this:



What do you do?


Would you call in sick or tell your boss you have nothing to wear? Or will you rise to the occasion and brave the office wearing jeans?

If you ask us, we'd say rise up to the challenge and dress your jeans in a way that's office appropriate.


Although wearing jeans is now quite acceptable in many modern companies, it's still considered casual and can turn off any chances of a promotion.

But before you decide to call in sick and do the laundry, there are ways to class up your jeans and look authoritative. Read on and find out:


1. Draw attention to your upper half with a smart blazer.

Smarten your look by donning  a cute office-style blazer like this lovely double-lapel fit and flare white blazer. It's classy and polished that eyes will be drawn to it instead of the jeans. And if your job consists of sitting behind your desk talking to clients face to face, they'll think you're wearing an expensive business suit instead of something casual.

2. Play with accessories to create a smart ensemble.

Accessories have a way of making or breaking an outfit. So to look like you're ready for work and not for a frolic at a park. Wear this floral gemstone diamante necklace to go with the blazer and jeans. Apart from jewelry pieces, you can accent your outfit with stylish, professional-looking bags, like this mint faux leather bag.



3. Pair it with a stylish, elegant top.

You probably learn by now the key to making a casual garment look, well, less casual is to pair it with professional-looking pieces. So rather than grabbing your favorite shirt, opt for something with collars, like this faded floral print shirt. Then, polish your look with a less conspicuous belt and a pair of pointed nude pumps.



And there you have the tips, ladies. Wearing jeans to work can pass muster with these stylish guidelines. So the next time you run out of something formal to wear, don't call in sick. Instead, rise up to the style challenge and impress your boss.





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