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4 Fall Outwear Trends You Shouldn't Miss

Posted: Sep 17 2014 by Lookbook Store


When the weather turn colds, the first thing most of us grab from our closets is something that will keep us warm. Because of that, investing in a stylish jacket, cardigan or coat is one of the most important things we can ever do this fall. Besides, there's no use wearing a sophisticated V-back pearls dress and feeling sexy if no can can see it but us, is there? So while it's cold out, and looks like it's going to stay that way until early next year unless you move out to a tropical island, you might as well make a splash on outwear pieces.


And a lavish purchase at that.


So here are four outwear trends that have made it big on the runways and are about to take street fashion scene  by storm:


 1Oversize Coats

Oversize Lapel Khaki Coat | Oversized Fringed Cardigan


For years, oversized coats have remained main stream in the fashion scene. One of the reasons is that they're chic as it is. So to style an oversized fringed cardigan or lapel khaki coat, wear it with slim-fitting pieces, fringe skirts, turtle necks and high heels.


2. Pastels

Vintage Black-Edged Blazer | Oversized Open-Front Cardigan


They're the epitome of fall fashion. Why? Because they're so bright and colorful that they can chase away sadness. So if you need a little 'oomph' in your outfits,wearing pastel-colored coats and jackets is the way to go.


3. Fur

Faux Fur Long Vest | Faux Fur Coat


Fur coats and vests are classic examples of sophistication. And now? You can wear them guilt-free because you can still own a piece of such sophisticated outwear pieces thanks to faux fur.


4. Biker Jackets

Shrug Shoulder Zip-Exposed Jacket | Studs Shoulder PU Blazer


 Let your tough personality shine in biker-inspired jackets. They're versatile pieces that can give an edge to any type of outfit you put together. So you want pull off a badass chic look? Biker jacket is the name of the game.


So there you have the fall outwear trends. With these ideas, you have no reason to look frumpy this fall.


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