A Rundown of Lookbook Store's Personal Favorites

A Rundown of Lookbook Store's Personal Favorites

Posted: Sep 12 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hey there, pretties! How's your fall fashion wardrobe collection coming? Hopefully, your closet is filled with delicious, fashionable goodies that will keep you stylish until the end of this season. If you still haven't decided on what styles to buy, allow us to share some of our personal favorites here:


Asymmetric Fit-and-Flare Blazer | Drape Collar Maxi Cardigan |
Sleeved-Tab Draped-Lapel  Blazer


When the weather turns cold and you bundle up to keep the chill away, there's nothing better than stylish blazers and jackets to keep you in style and cozy. That's why we love the blazers and cardigans. Not only are they Fall essentials, they can also give you instant glamour whenever and wherever.


Cut-Out Shoulder Sweater | 3D Rose Top |
Heart Neckline Textured Top


We strongly believe that being sexy is not all about showing too much skin. Being sexy is being able to wear any type of clothes and still look appealing and gorgeous. And that's why we love these tops because of the fact that they can make you look sexy and flirty without revealing too much.



Glam Maxi Dress | Maxi Dress | V-Back Pearls Dress



Thanksgiving, Halloween, Local Holidays -- these are events to look forward to in the Fall months. And in most cases, they involve parties and other social gatherings. So these three lovelies are our favorites because they're perfect for any occasions, be it garden lunches or dinner parties.


Foldover Buckled Backpack | Gold Metal Panel Belt  |
Floral Skull Tassel PU Bag


Nothing completes a look better than accessories, so that's why our closets are never without even at least one belt or bag.


Layered Mesh Skirt | Side Bow Cutout Jeans  |
Circle Maxi Skirt



We love these flowy skirts and sexy skinnies for one reason, and one reason alone: they're chic. And because it's challenging to look stylish when you're all covered, these items can help us look stunning as ever.


And that's it for our list. Hope you'll like them as much as we do. Happy shopping!





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