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Want to Be a Top Fashion Model? Here's How...

Posted: Sep 10 2014 by Lookbook Store

Glamour photo shoots, travel to exotic islands, stylish clothes, magazine covers -- these are just some of the perks of being a fashion model. And this explains why many young women aspire to follow the footsteps of their stunning idols in the likes of Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Tyra Banks, Cara Delevigne, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and many others.



If you're one of these aspiring young women, today is your lucky day because we're going to give you a tip that can help you jumpstart this glamorous career.

Contrary to what most believe, having great bone structure and statuesque physique is not enough to succeed in the modern modeling world. Although they're still important prerequisites for agencies, photographers and designers to notice you, it's also a BIG plus to have an active social media presence.

Yes, that's right!

You didn't misread that. Being active on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and many other social media platforms can help you in this regard.



Why Social Media?

One of the reasons, according to an agent, is that it helps companies know more about the models -- hat they're like when they're away from the camera. For Josy Spooner, who's a fashion stylist at a UK modeling agency, looking at a model's Instagram helps her determine what makes this certain model appealing to a brand. "

"I want to know about her following. What is she talking about? Is she interesting? Exciting? What does she like doing?" Ms. Spooner said.

Another reason it's worthwhile to take #selfies and #ootds or voice out your opinions in less than 140 characters is that it breaks the barrier of inscrutability and elusiveness of models, helping people see that they're humans just like us.



Lastly, being socially involved can make you a household name, making you more attractive to brands who are looking for endorsers who can really sell. Take Cara Delevigne, who is a 'selfie' queen, as an example. Apart from her fun, quirky attitude, her six million followers on Instagram and around two million on Twitter make her irresistible not just to her followers but to big names, like Burberry, as well.

So there you have them, ladies. If you want to make it big in the highly competitive world of fashion, be more sociable -- online, we mean.



Build a Portfolio

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See you there!




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