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Real vs. Fake: How to Tell a Legit Online Store from the Fake

Posted: Aug 22 2014 by Lookbook Store

Online shopping is amazing. It's like the greatest thing since slice bread. It's so convenient and super fun that, we're sure you would agree, retail therapy can now be done within the comforts of your own home.  Sadly, there are scammers out there posing as online stores to trick people with their hard-earned money and, perhaps, negate legit e-commerce websites, like Lookbook Store, among others.

In light with that, we'd like to clear things since some think we are while others think we aren't. We'll, to set the record straight, we are a legit, reliable and honest-to-goodness fashion boutique.  In fact, we've been providing quality and stylish clothes for quite some time now.

Nevertheless, we thought we'd share two tips to help you distinguish the real online stores from the fakes.

1. Professional Descriptions

Although product descriptions are a common sight to be seen on e-commerce sites, they can also be used to distinguish the legit from the flake. Bear in mind that we, like other stores, have a brand image to build and uphold so we always hire the best to ensure that even the smallest details are taken in to consideration, including product information. Scammers, on the other hand, would attempt to write descriptions, albeit not properly written, hoping that mindless shoppers wouldn't notice. So before buying top or a bag, always take the time to read details.

2. Reviews

Unsure about the legitimacy of Lookbook Store, among other sites? Search the internet. If you can find us just by surfing the net, then you can also find us many reviews about us. Reading reviews is one smart and safe way to know more about an online store from an outside perspective. You can visit review sites, like TrustPilot, to get information about customer experiences.


Another source to find credible Lookbook Store reviews are from fashion communities on Lucky Magazine , YouTube videos and bloggers, among others.

Of course, as you read through reviews, read them with conscious attention because some may sound too good to be true. In short, try to weigh things before forming your own opinion. If you think that a person's opinion about a product or service sounds too good to be a true -- or too bad to be true-- it probably is.


On a different note, you may also find negative reviews. That's normal. After all, we can't please everybody.  So it's best to weigh things before concluding. If you read one or two bad raps among a dozen or more positives, then they're just part of a small percentage of individuals who aren't pleased.

Hopefully, these two pointers will guide you in weeding out the fake stores from the real ones. Rest assured that we're doing our best to improve our products and services so you'll be more confident to do business with us the next time you shop.


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