15 Fashion Must-Haves to Stay Fab This Fall | Lookbook Store

15 Fashion Must-Haves to Stay Fab This Fall

Posted: Sep 29 2017 by Lookbook Store

15 Fashion Must-Haves to Stay Fab This Fall | Lookbook Store

We are already halfway through the year. And it only means that if you haven’t given your wardrobe that makeover it needs, this is probably the best time to do it. When the weather shifts from warm to cold to really cold, investing on a few things to wear is definitely smart.

To help you choose which items to splurge on, we’ve put together a list of versatile fall basics. And when we say “versatile”, it’s something that we could mix into two or more different looks. These are, trendy yes, but more of timeless pieces that can serve as the basis of your entire wardrobe.

Read on, and you’ll be sure to get through fall without losing your fashion sense and style.



Trench Coat

A trench coat is an awesome item to invest on. It works for almost everyone regardless of your size or body shape. For this season, try investing on a coat with an interesting color or something in a different texture like this woven coat below.

Grey Woven Trench Coat | Lookbook Store

Grey Woven Trench Coat


The cape is definitely one of the most versatile outerwear. It works with almost any kind of fitted bottom such as leggings, skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt. Wear one, and you’ll be nailing a celebrity off duty fall style.

Light Orange Asymmetric Knit Cape | Lookbook Store

Light Yellow Asymmetric Knit Cape


Stocking up one or two cardigan would be great. Cardigans can be your life saver when you need to look a bit corporate but not too formal. Be suggest get one in neutral color like this black one below, and another in bold color.

Black Knotted Tulip-Hem Cardigan | Lookbook Store

Black Knotted Tulip Hem Cardigan


A fall jacket is definitely one of the must-haves. Choose something that is sure to keep not only fab but also warm. A denim and/or faux leather jackets are good choices. They definitely look great whether you’re wearing jeans, a skirt, or a dress.

Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer - Grey | Lookbook Store

Grey Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer


Flared Jeans

Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and color skinnies are absolutely part of the staples. But if we are going to keep just one style for the rest of fall, we definitely suggest you get the dark washed flared jeans. They are just sweet and classy that it can turn you into a fashionista in a snap.

Blue Bell-Bottom Jeans | Lookbook Store

Blue Bell-Bottom Jeans

Black Leggings

Let’s change the thought that leggings are only for gym use. The truth is that solid black leggings are essential during the cold season. They are awesomely great to use for layering skirts and dresses.

Black High-Waist Leggings | Lookbook Store

Black High-Waist Leggings

Solid Skirt

All girls should have one or two neutral skirts that we can layer under, dress up, and dress down. A classic pencil is generally considered as a must-have for women of any shape, but A line skirts and other layered or flowy midi skirts are equally chic and flattering.

Layered Mesh Skirt - Black | Lookbook Store

Black Layered Mesh Skirt


Button-Down Tunic

Button down shirts are one of the most versatile fall pieces. You can wear it like a jacket, under a sweater, tied over a dress, or buttoned up with jeans. You can settle for the classic white or chambray ones, but it always exciting to have the patterned or plaid ones.

Plaid Flannel Tunic Shirt | Lookbook Store

Plaid Flannel Tunic Shirt

Knit Sweater

A chunky or any cute knit sweater is your savior when it’s cold and you need a quick but chic casual look. Just pull it on and pair with your jeans or skirt. Finish off with either your booties or sneakers. Sweaters are extremely versatile that you can pair them with any kind of shoes.

Grey Side Slit Tunic Sweater | Lookbook Store

Grey Side-Slit Tunic Sweater

Patterned Top                                            

It’s always good to have those plain and neutral colored tops, but it’s also fun to have some colorful and patterned blouses sometimes. Florals and stripes do work on cold weathers as well. And what’s great is that they add a dose of cheerfulness to your whole look.

Black Floral Striped Empire-Cut Top | Lookbook Store

Black Floral Stripes Empire-Cut Top


Little Black Dress

And who would forget the most classic go-to piece for parties and special occasions. Having a little black dress is like having a black canvas. You can experiment and be creative with it as you mix and match it with different accessories. For fall, you could settle for a black turtleneck dress with long sleeves that you could wear from work to play.

Black Turtleneck Midi Dress | Lookbook Store

Black Turtleneck Dress

Dress in Color

Attending a fall wedding or an equally special event? Settle for a dress with sheer sleeves and modest length. Let’s not get too strict with the style, you can be as creative as you want. But we suggest that you choose a dress in earth or jewel tones.

Navy Lace-Sleeve Long Satin Dress | Lookbook Store


Skinny Belt

Putting on a colorful skinny belt is an awesome way to add a pop color to your neutral outfits. It can be worn with your jeans and skirts. But I just love how it beautifies the body shape when worn over dresses or cinched over a cardigan.

Slim Gold Waist Belt | Lookbook Store

Slim Waist Belt

Statement Necklace

Yes, this is true! A statement is definitely one of the essentials. Putting on one is just enough to add some some spice and glam up an outfit. Wear one with your basic tee and jeans to add glam to your casual look, or use it to beautify a plain cocktail dress.

Cutout Silver Heart Choker and Black Charm Layered Y Necklace | Lookbook Store

Cutout Silver Heart Choker | Black Charm Layered Y Necklace


Of course, everyone knows this! But perhaps a pair of black booties is the most versatile option you can have. Match it with your jeans for a casual look, with your office wear for a cool corporate do, or with a dress and tights for a cute elegant look.


Now, it’s your turn. What else do you think is a fall basic?


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