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How to Get Accurate Body Measurements for a Successful Shopping Experience

Posted: Jul 31 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hello, pretty ladies? Are you having fun this summer? We hope so. Today, we're going to write something different. You see, we've been receiving sizing issues from some of our valued shoppers, so we thought we'd addressed that in our blog.


Just so you know, we take extra care in processing orders, ensuring quantities, qualities and sizes are taken in to account, so our shoppers are satisfied and happy. So it really saddens us every time we get concerns from our dear customers about a garment being too big or too small even though they gave the right size. We know how frustrating that can be when all you're excitement is quelled as soon as you realized the top or dress won't fit.


That being said, we've decided to come up with a solution on how to help those who are having a hard time determining their correct body measurement. This way, the next time you shop with us, it'll be a successful shopping experience. 



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What you'll need:


  1. Soft measuring tape
  2. Pen and paper
  3. Copious amounts of can-do attitude and patience
  4. Someone to help you out

Tip: It's highly recommended that you keep write your measurements down so by the time you want to order something and you forgot your size, you can refer to them. Also, it's best that you measure yourself once in a while for any changes, especially when you think you've gained or lost weight.


Now for the fun part.


For jeans or shorts:




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Once you have them, you can match up the measurements with the chart below:



For tops:




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Then , match up your numbers to the chart below. Because some tops have sleeves, just measure your arms' length just like you would your shoulders. 



For Dresses:




Dress: V-Back Pearl Dress


As soon as you have the numbers, match them up with the measurement chart below. Do take note, though, that those with petite frames may not fit with the smallest size, so you may have to consider re-fashioning the dresses you purchased.


Tip:  It helps to check out the model stats we've provided so you'll have an idea about how the dress will fit if you're smaller or heavier than the model. 



Now, that you know the drill, getting your body measurements is no longer something only a rocket scientist can do. And hopefully, this will be helpful to you the next time you go clothes shopping online with us. If, however, you're still confused, feel free to talk to our customer service and we'll be happy to assist you.


Have a great day!




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  • Posted by hazel on March 25, 2015

    I am a size 10-12.Saw a lot of clothes that I would love to order but the largest size in almost all your clothes is a size 6…Would be nice if you catered to women of all sizes….

  • Posted by Akeisha on October 12, 2014

    I love your appatek and wanted to place an order. Consequently I cannot because I only see sizes 2-6 I wear a 10-12 in the future, I hooe you all are ableto cater to women of all sizes.

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