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4 Ways to Style a Magic Maxi Dress

Posted: Jul 23 2014 by Lookbook Store

So you got invited to four events all in the same day. You're worried, however, that you may not have enough time to head home and change. And the last thing you want to happen is to appear on photographs wearing the same outfit at four different parties. If you're like us, that's nightmare that you would want to wake up right before it even starts.


So to solve this sort of dilemma, enter the magic maxi dress.



One look at it, you'll probably scoff, "Oh, that? How's that going to solve my problem?"


But surprise, surprise. This beautiful apricot magic maxi dress isn't called by its name for nothing. You see, this cotton-polyester-blend maxi dress can be styled in four different ways. Don't believe us? Check these out:



See? It does look simple but with this dress, who would guess that all it took for you to change was a trip to the nearest rest room? It's totes amaze what this simple maxi dress can do to your party wear.


For the fun part, as we're pretty sure that you're dying to learn how do to those, we'll gladly show you the four ways to style this amazeballs of a dress. Here they are:


1. The racer-back-style dress with a plunging neckline




2. Crisscross, Low-backed dress with a sweetheart neckline




3. Crisscross-Style Cutout back dress with a sweetheart neckline and short cap sleeves

Here's another way to style the back of the dress, using the same wrapping method as in number 2.

4. Halter Maxi Dress

So you see? Amazing, right? With one dress, you can have four different styles--enough to solve your wardrobe problems. But it's not only four styles you can make out of it. Just let your creative juice flow and we're pretty sure you can come up with better or sexier styles.
And if you come up with new styles, let us know.



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  • Posted by ValeriePerez on February 20, 2015

    I love all your clothing they are truly beautiful and I hope you keep adding more awesome stuff kk!!

  • Posted by Tiffany on October 22, 2014

    How do I do the last one?!?!?!

  • Posted by chelsee on August 27, 2014

    can you please explain in more detail how to do Crisscross-Style Cutout back dress with a sweetheart neckline and short cap sleeves?

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