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Feeling hot? Here are 3 must-have crop tops to cool off!

Posted: Jun 24 2014 by Lookbook Store

Hi loves! We can already feel the sweltering heat building up here in our part of the world, which probably means one thing: SUMMER!


We don't know about you, but we sure love the sun. You know why? Because it's a great reason to bring out our bikinis (or buy new ones for that matter), go to beach parties, go on  fun vacations with BFFs or just unwind with a good book in hand and iced coffee or tea out in an al fresco cafe.


Apart from those, there's also another reason we love hot weather: dressing down and still look smokingly hot and stylish. And do you know what's the must-have staple for this look? Crop tops! Yay!


Here, we've rounded up three of our personal favorite fashionable belly-baring tops that you'll absolutely love to have for the entire season.

Not only does it spell 'sultry' but also screams 'refreshingly sexy.' We like that it's made of polyester lace that drapes perfectly around the body. Plus, the material is already stylish in nature, which can look great when paired with black skinny pants, high-waist shorts or a maxi  skirt.


We love how the cute daisies remind us of peaceful meadows filled with these heavenly flowers all swaying sweetly to the gentle breeze in an English or French countryside. In fact, one look at them brings to mind happy memories, don't you think? We think so too that's why we're making this chiffon-shelled mint top a must-have staple. It doesn't only look great with cut-off jeans but also with a round skirt and chunky sandals.

Want to wear your favorite boyfriend jeans without looking tomboy-ish? Then you'll definitely love this sweet pink chiffon crop top. One of our writers even bought one!  The ruffled layers give the top a girly, flirty appeal, which balances the boyish look boyfriend jeans often give. Of course, this can also be worn with your favorite distressed cutoffs for a fun frolic in the park with friends.


We still have more on our personal favorite list, but we want you to make your own list. So be sure to check out our stylish crop tops. We're sure  you'll find one that's just right for you. 

Bye for now!




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