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We are one year old! Happy Anniversary Sale!

Posted: Jun 03 2014 by Lookbook Store

After years of providing the best and finest clothing apparel, we have never been more thankful for having the privilege of receiving the best support from our customers all over the globe. Making it this far has never been a reality that we thought possible. Yet, here we are and still moving closer to the future.


We would like to show not only our valued customers but every single fashion enthusiast all over the globe that we don’t only have what it takes to compete in this industry but most especially, a heart that feels for everyone that has helped us come this far.


On our upcoming anniversary, we are giving back the world more than just a percent of what we’ve achieved through a huge promotional sale. The best part is that this isn’t some promotional stunt to get rid of our junk. In fact, we are putting our best and finest products in the front lines.


For our best sellers, we are taking out more than just a mere 50% or 75% discount. No need to drool or be silenced. YES! With one dollar, you can avail of our top-of-the-line products.


Here goes the famous line, “WAIT THERE’S MORE!” Get as much as 80% off on all our products next to our top sellers. This isn’t a joke. Why would we even make so much fuss about something that would just destroy the great castle that you’ve helped us put up?


From June 3 to June 5, we would like you to get the chance to avail of an offer that you’ve always deserved.


Here are the details:

  1. With only $1 you can get either of the following items, every discount code can be used for everyday's first 10 orders, 

    *Lookbook Store has the right to amend cancellation of orders if more than 1 discount code being used by one person on the same item. We will updated everyday's discount code in our blog :)

Floral Maxi Lace Dress - with discount code:

"3LACEDRESS" (can only be used on 3rd, June)

"4LACEDRESS" (can only be used on 4th, June)

"5LACEDRESS" (can only be used on 5th, June)



 Glam Maxi Dress - with discount code:

"3GLAMDRESS" (can only be used on 3rd, June)

"4GLAMDRESS" (can only be used on 4th, June)

"5GLAMDRESS" (can only be used on 5th, June)




Mesh Shell V Neck Shirt White - with discount code:

"3VTOP" (can only be used on 3rd, June)

"4VTOP" (can only be used on 4th, June)

"5VTOP" (can only be used on 5th, June)





  1. Only $8.8 items

Click here for the items list (sale closed)


  1. Up to 80% discount:

Click here for the items list.


If you want to know more about what awaits you on our anniversary special, simply visit our site at: https//www.lookbookstore.co

You can also reach us via live chat or our email customer support at support@lookbookstore.com.

You can also follow us @lookbookstore on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more special promos.

See you there!



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  • Posted by Delle on June 04, 2014

    @Kelsey: Discount codes works only to those first 10 customers. I would suggest you better shop early :)

  • Posted by Savanah on June 03, 2014

    Just talk with their CS, and they said they will be refreshing the new discount code tomorrow. Hopefully I can be the lucky one tomorrow :)

    Finger Crosses!

  • Posted by Kelsey on June 03, 2014

    I tried ordering some of your clothing that was on sale with the discount code, but it never accepted the code. Explanations please?

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