13 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For This 2017 | Lookbook Store

13 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For This 2017

Posted: Mar 20 2017 by Lookbook Store

13 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For This 2017 | Lookbook Store

Is your old swimsuit getting faded? Is it already stretched out? Or is it just out of style? You better check out, girl. ‘Cause it may be time to refresh your beach-ready wardrobe.

Trendy swimwear usually hit the racks by March and April. Wait for a few months, do your purchase by the first week of June, and you will end up spending almost double of what you should be paying for. It is because by that time, the weather is warm enough that shoppers are tempted to buy whatever bikinis or swimsuits are available so stores tend to keep the prices high.

But before you go out or online scoring those beach outfits you’ve been dreaming about, you have to know about the 2017 swimsuit trends first. That’s the reason why we came up with this. Now keep scrolling, and be updated with the latest and most fabulous swimming ootds.


Totally Bridal

Summer is definitely perfect for destination weddings. And this fad calls for a swimwear that equally encompasses the wedding feels or honeymoon mood. White and lacy pieces are just perfect for this. They are best when you want to get a dip into the ocean or just lounge under the sun after your wedding.

But marrying or not, such pieces are great when you want to get that relaxed look by the beach. White swimwear can easily create a refreshing and young but still sexy-in-your-own-way look. Therefore, it will definitely leave you looking stunning.


White Crossover Ruched Swimsuit and White Crisscross-Front Monokini | Lookbook Store

White Crossover Ruched Swimsuit | White Crisscross-Front Monokini


The Halter Effect

Another style that has been blossoming these days is the use of halter tops. From dresses to tops to bikinis, halter style clothing has been invading the racks since mid-2016. These style appears to be a little more conservative than the triangle tops, but they bring so much sexiness at the back. More often, they are beautifully embellished with sheer or lace inserts and crochet cutouts making it a little more flirty.

While this trend already looks fabulous, halter style swimwear tops are more astounding when paired with a tiny triangle bikini such as this one below.

Burgundy High Neck Halter Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Burgundy High Neck Halter Bikini Set


Strappy Sides

Straps are indeed huge these days! A one-piece swimwear with strappy hollow out sides is just enough to make the beach crowd go wild. This style is just so perfect for showing off some skin and leaving some room for mystery and excitement.

But if you prefer to nail a bit of an innocent look, you can score strappy-side swimsuits but with mesh panels. Consider the color combination, overall fit, cut, and lacing as well so you could get the perfect look you want.


Black Strappy Side One-Piece Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Strappy Side One-Piece Swimsuit


The Trendy Crop Top

The crop top fashion has been a total hit in runways in the past seasons. And it will surely be another hit as we incorporate it to our swimwear. Crop top swimwear are definitely great because they can flatter almost any kind of body type, either slim and toned or with added weight and well-endowed body shape.

You will also surely enjoy choosing from a wide variety of crop top styles. Go for a daring look and choose a crop top with sheer paneling. Or opt to a totally chic look and choose something with sleeves or with ruffles.

Orange Falbala High-Waisted Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Orange Falbala High-Waisted Bikini Set


Sheer Beauty

If cutouts on the sides and on the belly can do wonders, so as sheer and lace panels on swimwear. Sheer details can range from almost transparent to opaque. Most of them also comes in bold and dark colors and graphic shapes which addto its standout factors.

Sheer detailing on swimwear combined with low cuts in the neckline or high cut on the legs can provide irresistible effects on your outfit. Throw on one of these this swim season and get a very sexy look effortlessly.


Black Lace Cutout Open-Back Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Lace Cutout Open-Back Swimsuit


One-Shoulder Entries

Asymmetric shoulders are not limited to dresses and tops this year. The trend can be rampantly seen on swimwear too. One-shoulder or one-strap swimwear is again another way to show off some skin (but not too much skin). But unlike the other trends, this one seems to be more classy and formal. It somehow generates a sense of sophistication when it comes to your swimwear.


Black Mesh One-Shoulder Ruched Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Black Mesh One-Shoulder Ruched Swimsuit


Low-Cut Pieces

Probably one of the sexiest fashion trend of all time is the deep V-neckline. Well, summer 2017 is not immune to this trend. The trend has been going strong for several years now and it still does not fail us when it comes to expressing our sultriest sides.

The trend has been a big hit on the runways, and it will certainly be all the rage at the beach.


Red Multiway Swimsuit | Lookbook Store

Red Multiway Swimsuit


String Bikinis

We know that this is classic, but this style is still a big hit. Itsy bitsy bikinis with strings have kept their vogue in this spring/summer 2017 swimwear trend. But they have evolved a bit. Some are tasseled, fringed, or crocheted.

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone or be brave and go for printed pieces. And you will surely steal the summer show.


Crochet Floral Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Crochet Floral Bikini Set


Era of Prints

While solid color and color blocks appear to be a big hit, we can’t deny the fact that printed pieces are just too fabulous to resist. They come in gorgeous variations such as tie-dye, chevron stripes, global ethnics, scarf prints, ombre or geometrics, all of them coming in different colors and shapes, that it is almost very hard for us not to notice them.

Wear one in combination of teal, coral, orange, pink, or any bright neon colors, and get the look that can be truly appreciated for spring and summer.


Aztec-Print Crossover Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Aztec-Print Crossover Bikini Set


Stylish Cover-Up

Simple robes and sarongs used to do the trick. But nowadays, designers have given us more modern and stylish options. Cover-ups these days range from sheer pants, to weave tops, to long-sleeve see-through dresses- each with different style, cuts, and transparencies.

Throw a weave dress, or any of these fab cover-ups, over your sexy two-piece, and you will be drawing more beauty and attention to the swimwear underneath.


Beige Cold-Shoulder Crochet Beach Dress | Lookbook Store

Beige Cold-Shoulder Crochet Beach Dress


Blast from the Past

Yes, high waists are from the past. But they have been around for few seasons now, which only means that something is truly remarkable about them. Designers incorporate them in the latest swimwear trend and they have created a tremendously interesting look.

These swimwear seem to offer a classier sexy effect and give the women a more mature vibe as they appear on their favorite swimming spots. Some say that this trend states beyond attractive because it covers our bellies while still maintaining our shape and beauty.


Red Polka Dots High-Waist Bikini Set | Lookbook Store

Red Polka Dots High-Waist Bikini Set


Relaxing Ruffles

Well, if you are a total beach babe looking for total fun, this trend must be for you. Bikinis with ruffles are another show-stealer this year. Ruffles are a sure indication of an innocent look. Wear one with ruffles around the neckline, a ruffled bikini bottom, and you will just ready for that beach party even till night.


Ruffles Tie up Bikini Set - Coral | Lookbook Store

Ruffles Tie Up Bikini Set


Sporty Combos

Sporty swimwear are totally unexpected this year. Aside from the fact that they are perfect to wear if you want to prevent sunburn, they create an unexpected appealing look when matched with cute bikini bottoms. If you love playing beach ball, then this total athletic trend is too good to pass up.

Magenta Striped Strappy Tankini Set | Lookbook Store

Magenta Striped Strappy Tankini Set


That would be all, ladies. We hope we’ve helped you decide which swimwear to don this swim season.



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