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Good Riddance, Cellulites: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Achieve Your Dream Bikini Bod!

Posted: Jun 14 2016 by Lookbook Store

crochet bikini on model

Are you ready for summer?

While most people are itching to hit the nearest beach, there are those, especially women, who may be a bit hesitant to show some skin this summer. Not to worry though, because we are here to help you become more confident in a skimpy bikini or sporty one-piece swimsuit this beach season.

However, you think we’re about to introduce you to some out-of-this-world, revolutionary diet that rivals those weird ones that your fave Hollywood celebrity swears by, we hate to break it to you but… we won’t. What we’ll reveal to you, though, is this: nothing replaces a healthy lifestyle when your goal is to win the infamous ‘battle of the bulge’!


While that statement may be quite a disappointment when the town’s biggest beach party is only a week away, we assure you that the tips we’ll reveal will work just well enough for you to rock a bikini with confidence. However, every one of them has to be followed zealously within the next few days/weeks to get results within a short amount of time.


Now, if you’re ready for the big reveal… hold on to your seats because we now give you 7 steps that will help you achieve that elusive bikini-ready body within a limited timeframe…


Tip #1: Break up with your favorite junk food.

girl drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows


Most breakups are ugly, save for some really necessary ones. Case in point is your enduring yet guilt-ridden affair with donuts, canned tunas, and pizzas. To get rid of those unsightly bat wings and love handles, you may have to part ways from your favorite guilty pleasures.


As an alternative for moments when you feel like bingeing, try salads and grilled protein dishes... but watch out for the sauces!


Tip #2: Give one-day detox a try.

Girl with a glass of orange juice


You may have heard the likes of Queen Bey and the Ice Queen (that’s Gwyneth Paltrow, FYI) swearing by one-day cleanses like having only fruit/veg juices and fasting for a day.  Frankly, we think they’re worth a shot.


They may not immediately lead to permanent weight loss but the shock that this sudden change does to the body almost always guarantees a biochemical reset that makes it easier for you to flush out bad cholesterol.


Tip #3: Go all-out with intense interval workouts.

When your bikini bod goal runs on a short deadline, you may have to ditch basic exercises like sit-ups for high-intensity, interval cardio training. Try popular workouts like CrossFit that are known to amp up the fat-burning process with short-but-super-hard sessions to see results in as little as a week!


Of course, don’t forget to look like you’re hell-bent on winning the calorie wars by wearing comfy workout clothes like this fit-and-fab combo:

Black Mock Neck Tshirt Blue Ombre Yoga Pants


Tip #4: Stay sober. 

girls meeting over drinks

There will definitely be plenty of beer and vodka to go around with during the beach party this weekend, so it won’t exactly hurt if you stay away from drunken bouts with friends for a short while. Why, you ask? Because alcoholic beverages are usually calorie bombs that are enough to undo every pound you’ve shed so far.


So be a smart girl and stick with moderate doses of wine (if the urge to drink is too strong to ignore) but paired with a tall glass of water.


Tip #5: Hydrate way often.

girl drinking a glass of water

Feeling hungry in between regular meals? Drink more water.


Not only does this flush out any excesses and toxins still stuck in your system, it keeps your body going, too. Do you recall the body’s water percentage? Yep, you need to refill that much every time.


Tip #6: Fuel up with ‘good’ food.

basket of vegetables


We know it sounds cliché but hey—you can’t deny proper nutrition’s power to keep you going as well as keep calories at bay. As a start, after hitting the gym, replenish with whole grains, fruits, and veggies (sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it?).


In addition, keep watery fruits and veggies (read: grapes, melons, tomatoes, pineapples, etc.) nearby as your go-to snacks when those annoying hunger pang strikes during “unholy” hours. Within a few days of following this strict regimen, your body will immediately panic and start burning its ready reservoir of cellulites.


Tip #7: Invest in a bikini that flatters your figure.

This one sounds like we’re cheating but—trust us—we’re putting this in as a last resort.

swimsuit and bikinis


If your weeklong program helped you shed only a few pounds, it may be wise to have a swimsuit that flatters your figure ready. This way, you get to hide the unsightly flaws and emphasize your best assets in one fell swoop! Does it sound like a tall order? Don’t worry, we’ve got a cheat sheet to help you get the perfect bikini!


Tip #8: Work on your posture.

woman doing yoga at the beach


You may have already packed that perfect bikini as well as worked on trimming down a few pounds but, if you slouch, all your effort may be for nothing. Not only does a bad posture take a few inches off your height, it also makes your tummy appear rounder than it actually is.


Practice good posture and remember to distribute your weight evenly on both hips… and your reflection will certainly thank you for it!


Tip #9: Divert your cravings.

soda and chips


Dieting and exercising in pursuit of that beach-ready body is just half the battle… the other half? It’s avoiding gastronomic temptations entirely. Unfortunately, that’s always an uphill battle.


When those bags of chips sitting on your kitchen counter are desperately calling for your attention, distract yourself by engaging in activities that have nothing to do with eating—surfing the Web, taking a hot bath, listening to music, or reading a book. If you’re wondering if we deliberately skipped on watching TV, we did for obvious reasons. *winks*


Tip #10: Keep your cool.

girl listening to music with her headset

Like misery, stress loves company. In fact, it’s during those instances when our craving for junk food or anything unhealthy is at its strongest.


Hence, have a ready list of healthy stuff to do that can keep you from succumbing to the effects of stress while you’re in the middle of your journey towards an enviable hourglass figure. We recommend Yoga, blogging, and even staring at the picture of your ultimate crush (works wonders for some girls we know!).


Looking at the whole picture, you’ll see that these tips actually apply for a long-term health program. Thus, we hope you’re going to continue pursuing that dream figure even long after the bikini season. After all, a healthy body is an investment that’ll look good whether it’s sunny, rainy, or snowy outside!



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  • Posted by Meron Dymphana on June 14, 2016

    I only exercise but am guilty of the rest and I hope to turn over a new leaf soon. Thank you for sharing!

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