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Of Hairstyles and OOTD: 5 Spring Looks Worth Gold This 2016

Posted: May 25 2016 by Lookbook Store

We’re pretty sure you were ecstatic at the coming of spring and celebrated as the last remnants of winter thawed off your roofs (we also did!). But with the change of season came another dilemma: super-duper dry hair and an outdated wardrobe. In fact, you probably can’t help but be frustrated looking at your face’s general shapelessness and your clothes’ disconcerting frumpiness in front of the mirror!


We understand how you feel because we’re going through the same, exact phase. That’s why we think that a makeover should be in order before we lose our sanity to endless episodes of insecurity.


If you’re just about ready to make that leap towards a new, spring-ready you, it may delight you to know that SS16 threw in several new haircuts, styles, accessories, and, in general trends for you to play with. Speaking of which, here are some hairstyles + OOTD that got us excited to try it out during the next few months of warm weather:


  1. Straight

    Is this style ever outdated? As far as spring ‘16 is concerned, it isn’t. Nevertheless, we’ve seen this classic hairstyle get a major update this year in the form of liberal use of gels that give off that glass-like wet look.


Straight Hairstyle

Source: Floral Cutout Tank Top, Dark Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans 

Spring OOTD match? Smart casual—yep, it’s that skinny jeans + tank top + heels combo that looks sharp enough to get you to places but with a hint of comfy you usually get from casual ensembles.


  1. Short Fringes

    We thought its revival was due any time soon and how spot on was that premonition! However, SS16 kept this cut short and wet—expect to see a lot of sleek or messy mini fringe hounding your IG, ladies!

The fringe

 Source: Genuine Sheepskin Blazer, Burgundy Ribbed Lace-Up Bodysuit, Black Side-PU Leather Leggings 

Spring OOTD match? The typical fringe would go well with any workwear you have in your wardrobe but, 2016’s mini fringes look nothing near its sharp predecessor. Thus, the best attire to go with this rad cut is that punk-inspired outfit you’ve kept locked since your rebellious college days! 


  1. Buzzcuts

    Speaking of rebel-inspired styles, nothing gets more riotous than this season’s boldest hairstyle: the buzzcut! Reserved only for the femme fatale, you’ll surely need a lot of guts to sway in the direction of this edgy cut.

The buzzcut

Source: Pink Cropped Cowl Neck Sweater 

Spring OOTD match? We’ve seen several runways show off the buzzcut + classic tees/cowl-neck sweats combo and we think it’s perfect! Think edgy with a touch of mainstream. That’s contrast at its best!


  1. Plaits

    Take a closer look of all the fashion weeks this year and you’ll definitely notice a good amount of plaits and braids everywhere. From double French plait to cute, thin braids, it’s unmistakably one of the few hairstyles that got us giddy with excitement!

 The plaits

Source: Off-Shoulder Ruffled Crop Top, Black Plunge Wrap Belted Maxi Dress 

Spring OOTD match? Balance should be your guiding principle when choosing an ensemble to go with plaits/braids. For instance, voluminous tops/dresses may balance well with slightly clean braids. On the other hand, straight/minimalist cuts or tops is best paired with sophisticated plaits.


  1. (Sleek) Ponytails

While we’ve seen our fair share of loose, straight hair on spring runways but, we’ve also counted many who rocked low, sleek ponytails. Many designers had their models work with this hairstyle to feature flashy jewelry collection. The resulting combo? Unbelievably smooth.

 The ponytail

 Source: Green Keyhole Sleeveless Romper, Baroque Print Plunge Romper

Spring OOTD match? “Loud” designs (think open-back, ruffled, or printed tops) or vibrant hues often go well with a hairstyle as linear as this—probably why it matches perfectly with your favorite rompers, skater dresses, and maxis.


The straight hairstyle aside, SS16 has been all about short hair. Many of the season’s trendy haircut played with different cuts and styles for short-length hair. Still, you need not worry if you intend to keep your long, straight crown through the course of spring and summer for as long as you pair them up with fresh tops and dresses.


At this point, we’ll spare you the caterpillar-to-butterfly metaphor. Nevertheless, it may still be worth reminding you that there may be no better time to cast off old looks to pave the way for a better-looking, more confident you than spring 2016. In fact, if you’re still curious how else to vamp up your spring wardrobe, here are great off-day styles you might want to that may give give Victoria Secret angels a run for their money!



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