11 Trendy Outerwears You Need To Have This Fall | Lookbook Store

11 Trendy Outerwears You Need To Have This Fall

Posted: Oct 17 2016 by Lookbook Store

11 Trendy Outerwears You Need To Have This Fall | Lookbook Store

Now that the cold season is here, we are pretty sure that all of you started digging out your favorite outerwear, be it every day denim jacket to coat to fur one. We’ve also started spotting our favorite ladies in their fall outerwears. Girls, one thing you should remember is that you SHOULD NOT commit style suicide only because the weather gets colder and colder.

We’ve seen lots of gals whose style instinct dropped as the temperature dropped. Poor fitting, crude material choosing, awkward matching outerwear are the major culprits. We’ve seen some who are putting on some outerwear that are more appropriate for a journey to the North Pole than for a drive to a downtown shopping mall.

We should always keep in mind that an outerwear isn’t only for keeping us warm —it’s also great for adding some charm to our outfit. Whether you decide to use classic pieces such as a blazer or more adventurous ones like the bomber jacket, you should bear in mind to always go for the fashion-forward and functional outerwear.

To help you prepare for your outdoor adventure this fall, here are some of the trendy outerwears that will surely glam up your look. Read on and enjoy your activities in both comfort and style.


Classic Blazer

Classic blazers were originally a men’s garment. They were later adapted by women who exclusively used it for business attires. Try matching your blazer with more simple clothing, such as a skirt, for an outfit you would want to appear with in front of your boss or in a meeting with your colleagues without losing your femininity and elegance. Or you may opt to matching it with your jeans if you plan on going somewhere else after work.


Black Draped Blazer and Champagne Draped Blazer | Lookbook Store

Black Draped Blazer | Champagne Draped Blazer


Leather Jacket

If you want to give your look a bit of an edgy style, go for a leather jacket. Leather jackets, especially biker and motorcycle ones with zipper and metal accents,can be your feminine outfits’, like skirts and dresses, perfect match. The leather material will give your carefree girly style an excellent balance.


Black PU Sleeve Coat and Genuine Sheepskin Blazer| Lookbook Store

Black PU Sleeve Coat | Genuine Sheepskin Blazer


Flared Coats

While some women were contented on wearing classic style waist coats, others were brave enough to experiment a bit with the blazer’s bottom part. Some blazers and coats have visible expanded bottoms forming a peplum and are narrowed in the waist giving your body a tasteful look. These flared blazers and coats are especially great for ladies with prominent belly. And take not these are not only wonderful for those sexy voluptuous shapes, but also awesome for pregnant fashionistas.


Navy Blue Double Lapel Fit-and-Flare Blazer and Asymmetric Fit-and-flare Blazer - Grey| Lookbook Store

Navy Blue Double Lapel Fit-and-Flare Blazer | Asymmetric Fit-and-flare Blazer - Grey


Oversized Style

There is another fashion trick that appears to be on flick in runways and streets today and that is wearing oversized clothing. It seems that deliberately increasing the size of your outerwear by one to three sizes larger than what you usually wear is in. These are perfect for colder days because these items can stand freely on the body and can be worn on top off several layers of clothing. Of course, the sleeves and the length of the article which are very long can give you enough warmth and comfort. Though strange, this very stylish trend would look great on skinny ladies because it creates an impressive contrast.


Denim Jacket

One of the best toppers of all season is the denim jacket. You can basically wear it during winter (if you are staying indoors), spring, summer, or fall. This is an excellent choice for spring and early fall but not very suitable for any colder weather because it lacks insulation. Wear the jacket with your summer ensembles to extend them for the fall season. Some denim blazers are even sophisticated enough that you can wear them to your workplace.

Denim PU Leather Contrast Blazer - Green and Denim PU Leather Contrast Blazer - Grey | Lookbook Store

Denim PU Leather Contrast Blazer - Green | Denim PU Leather Contrast Blazer - Grey


Kimono Cardigan

Kimono cardigans that are made from thicker fabrics are great for keeping you warm and fab this fall. These pretty cardigans add shape and color to your otherwise dull outfits. Think how nice it is to wear a kimono on top of your simple tank top and skinny jeans on transitioning months.

Navy Blue Floral Open-Front Chiffon Kimono and Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono - Sky-blue | Lookbook Store

Navy Blue Floral Open-Front Chiffon Kimono | Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono - Sky-blue


Lengthy Cardigans

The time of waist-length cardigans are over. If you are in search for trendy outerwear this cold season, then these lengthy cardigans, which length reaches up to the thighs or buttocks line, are what you are looking for. These are not only great for ladies who want to be always in but also awesome for ladies who are in love with cozy layers. The length plays a major role in giving you a more unique, sophisticated, and creative look. The secret to rock these number is to match it with your fitted bottoms such as you skinnies or tights. You may also opt to wear it with your shorts or mini skirt on warmer days for a more relaxed feel.


Marled Long Button-Down Cardigan | Camel Draped Open-Front Long Coat

Marled Long Button-Down Cardigan | Camel Draped Open-Front Long Coat


Studded Jackets

One of the unique and edgy fashion trends is the studded jacket. Studded items never go out of style because they add a wonderful flavor to almost every outfit. Studded jackets, especially the leather ones, were most of the time incorporated with the punk fashion. Nowadays however, everyone can wear studded blazers even without feeling punky. The trend today is to match a studded jacket with more feminine pieces, such as a dress or a skirt, to give the whole outfit an edgy touch.


Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer - Grey and Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer - Green | Lookbook Store

Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer – Grey | Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer - Green


Sporty Jackets

If you want to look casual, a sporty jacket is probably the best for you. Sporty jackets such as a bomber jacket add some carefree feel to almost any outfit. They can be paired with dresses or if you want to pin that really easygoing look, you may opt to match it with your tights and rubber shoes.


Moss Green Button-Down Military Jacket and Rose Gold Satin Bomber Jacket | Lookbook Store

Moss Green Button-Down Military Jacket | Rose Gold Satin Bomber Jacket


Colorful Outerwear

Rather than dwelling on the usual blacks and browns, many women opt to use more colorful outerwear, such as colorful blazers. Sometimes, a colorful outerwear is all you need to refresh your look. This fall, vibrant hues other than earthly tones are highly in. These fancy pieces are best if you want to glam up your usual office attire.

Royal Blue Draped Blazer and Burgundy Draped Blazer | Lookbook Store

Royal Blue Draped Blazer | Burgundy Draped Blazer


Eccentric Sleeves

Items with strange sleeves are undeniably in trend since last year. This year, many manifested this fad as they opted for outerwear with short sleeves, and other unusual cuts that according to them give their outfit more shape and structure.


Fall is indeed the season of wearing stylish layers that keep you warm and make you look chic at the same time. And to sum it all up, there is only one secret you should take not of—if you want to look your best, your outerwear should be as stylish as what is under it.

Hope you’ll try these fab styles, ladies! And let us know of the results.



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