11 Fashion Must-Haves That Will Help You Get Through Summer | Lookbook Store

11 Fashion Must-Haves That Will Help You Get Through Summer

Posted: May 30 2017 by Lookbook Store

 11 Fashion Must-Haves That Will Help You Get Through Summer | Lookbook Store

Wanna go glam, or just feeling oh-so-sporty? Or do you just wanna lie on the beach and feel sexy? Whatever your plan is to turn heads this summer, there only a few items you simply must have. All you need is a bit of creativity, a lot of confidence, and little cash. Keep scrolling, and find out what you need to have in order to get through summer fabulously.



Besides the sunglasses’ obvious purpose which is to protect your eyes from the sun, you automatically look hotter when you wear one. You're not wearing makeup? Who cares! Again, no one can see your eyes so it doesn't matter if you're wearing mascara. Another great thing about sunnies is that they go well with any outfit. You just have to make sure that you pick the right style for your face’s shape.


Sunglasses | Lookbook Store

Ray-Ban Retro Wing-Tip Sunglasses


Head Gear

In addition to the changes to clothing, summer makes a big difference to your headwear as well. Hats, scarves, headbands, turbans, and caps are all in during summer. The correct choice of head gear adds charm and elegance to your look. It has the ability to spice up an otherwise plain dress. Not only this, it also protects your hair from the damaging rays of the sun.

Hat and Scarf | Lookbook Store

Forever21 Wide-Brim Fedora Hat | Forever21 Satin Garden Scarf

Statement earrings

Chokers and mega-hoops earring might be invading your Instagram feed right now, but looks like something is making a comeback this year. Statement earrings are again stealing the limelight. Sculptural pieces, glitzy chandeliers, or solo danglers are here to stay. You just need to learn to choose which one goes well with your OOTD.


Earrings | Lookbook Store

Silver Feather and Turquoise Drop Earrings | Triangle Gold Drop Earrings


Exposed Shoulders

We’re sure that you are aware that bare shoulders are in trend since last year. From off-the-shoulder tops and shoulder cut-outs to even asymmetrical necklines, no runway has been left out of this trend. This year, the cold-shoulder style is becoming a fashion statement even in Hollywood scene. It is a kind of a summer staple that you can happily sport from May to August or even beyond. It can be made from chiffon, sheer, or even cotton. Material doesn’t really matter as long as it will keep you feeling and looking cool.

Royal Blue Crisscross-Back Cold-Shoulder Skater Dress and White Crochet Trim Cold-Shoulder Beach Cover-Up | Lookbook Store

Royal Blue Crisscross-Back Cold-Shoulder Skater Dress | White Crochet-Trim Cold-Shoulder Beach Cover-Up

Bright Bag

When it comes to your bags this summer, you have to think bright. Meaning you have to stick to bright colors such as canary yellow, rich red, and cobalt blue for a sure standout summer look. And for the size? Keep it mini and handheld with loose hanging straps.


shoulder bag

H&M Colorful Shoulder Bags


Embroidery is back and it is just perfect for both spring and summer. Embroidery brings a unique and stylish look on clothes be it dresses, skirts, bags, pants, and even shoes. They are perfect if you want to jazz up your summer outfit.

Many kinds of embroidery are readily available. But for this season, you can stick to florals and abstract motifs. Also, remember to use them with moderation. Embroidered pieces are quite easy to incorporate to our day-to-day outfits, but one embroidered item per outfit would be enough.

White Embroidered Drawstring Top and Black Mock Neck Floral Embroidered Dress | Lookbook Store

White Embroidered Drawstring Top | Black Mock Neck Floral Embroidered Dress

Flower Power

Florals are indeed one of the summer staples. But sometimes, you feel like a little too tired of wearing them.You seem to end up wearing the same old floral summer dress that it sometimes turn out into a summer uniform.

But on the bright side, florals are such a fun print to style. They come in all sorts of colors and variations.They are also especially interesting when combined with another print, like stripes, in an outfit. This summer, try to find new and improved ways to style it. Get creative and find new ways to wear the traditional pattern, by either trying it in on bold new colors, juxtaposing it against unexpected textures, or incorporating it in accessories such as bags and shoes. 

Pink Crisscross Neckline Floral Top and Red Floral Ruffled Cold-Shoulder Wrap Dress | Lookbook Store

Pink Crisscross Neckline Floral Top | Red Floral Ruffled Cold-Shoulder Wrap Dress

Ruffle Flatter

If you still think of ruffles and frills as something for childhood birthday parties, think again. They are back, and they are definitely one of the key trends of 2017. Ruffles on collars, hemlines, sleeves, and ruffles forming all-over cascading tiers are absolutely providing us with awesome and romantic fashion trend since last year.

If you don’t like to look childish, settle for more structured or exaggerated flounce and pair it with something that is more tailored. You can also dip into the trend by choosing a ruffle trim dress or frilled sleeved pieces for a sure grown-up look.

Royal Blue Mermaid-Hem Ruffled Bodycon Dress and Olive Green O-Ring Ruffled Cold-Shoulder Halter Dress | Lookbook Store

Royal Blue Mermaid-Hem Ruffle Bodycon Dress | Olive O-Ring Ruffled Cold-Shoulder Halter Dress

Striking Stripes

Just like florals, stripes seem to be one of the must-haves this summer. It is not surprising though. It is because this graphic is bold, and often remind us of sailors, deckchairs, and even candy canes.

Stripes even dominated the runways in every style you can possibly imagine. Some are horizontal, some are vertical. There were thick lines and super thin ones. When it comes to donning stripes, classic doesn’t mean predictable. Try bicolor or multidirectional print, or go for similar shades but completely different stripes. Don’t be afraid if you’ll overdo it. Because this time, the rule is more is more.

Navy Pompom Off-Shoulder Romper and Black and White Stripe Dress | Lookbook Store

Navy Pompom Off-Shoulder Romper | Black and White Stripe Dress

Crop Top

Another major trend that is making a comeback this year are the crop tops. And it looks like they are not going anywhere soon. You can even spot numerous celebrities wearing them, and styling them in seriously amazing ways.

When it comes to wearing crop tops, you have to decide first how bare you’re willing to go. Do you wanna go fully covered-up or do you wanna go for maximum midriff exposure? You can always go in-between as well. After deciding, plan accordingly. Try layering a skimpy bra top under a button-down for a very sexy look that still comes with an element of mystery. Experiment with the boxier types by pairing it with your low-slung pants, or a midi pencil skirt for a more feminine look.

Striped Bell Sleeves Off-Shoulder Crop Top and White Crochet Cutout Off-Shoulder Crop Top | Lookbook Store

Striped Bell Sleeves Off-Shoulder Crop Top | White Crochet Cutout Off-Shoulder Crop Top

Little White Dress

We’re now down to another summer staple. The little white dress or LWD! It’s perhaps your LBD’s sister, equally classic, but lighter, more carefree, and probably more comfortable when the weather starts to warm up.

The possibilities of wearing this summer trend is just like with the LBD. It’s limitless. Go fresh, and try an all-white ensemble. Wear it under a structured blazer and heels on a normal work day. Going out on a date? Try a shirt dress cinched by a belt on the waist to keep your figure flattering. Running around town for brunches and shopping on a weekend? Swap your work week heels and blazers with sneakers and bomber jackets.

White Lace Illusion Neck Dress and White Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress | Lookbook Store

White Lace Illusion Neck Dress | White Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress

So that’s it, ladies. If you have these in your wardrobe, then you’re basically ready to beat the heat while still looking stylish. Have a wonder summer, ya’ll!



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