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Summer-Ready: Getting Fit for the Perfect Bikini (A Cheat Sheet)

Posted: May 17 2016 by Lookbook Store

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Besides travelling alone or visiting the ob-gyne, one of the most intimidating things any woman will experience is shopping for the right bikini. Notice our emphasis of “right”.


Getting a bikini can be quite a hassle since a lot of us women actually don’t know the right style that suits us best. It may be because we shy away from discussing anything about our figures or we just don’t see that we’re shapelier than we’d like to admit. That’s probably why many of us get the wrong kind of swimsuit the first time we buy them. Totally normal.


But since the summer weather is knocking on our doors and our friends are unashamedly posting their beach bods all over social media nonstop, the room for error when choosing a suitable swimwear becomes slightly slim. Don’t you worry because we’re here to help.


Does that sound like a tall order? Nope, it actually isn’t. You just have to take a long, honest look at yourself in the mirror and determine whether you have an athletic, pear, apple, inverted triangle, hourglass body shape. From there, it’s a pretty straightforward process.


Once you’ve done that, check out our cheat sheet on the best swimsuit for your body type as well as our recommended health regimen to attain that elusive beach bod:


For the Busty Lasses


You’re chesty and the world envies/admires it. The only problem? You have to constantly be on the lookout for your girls or they could be in a nasty spill if you’re not too careful with your bikini choice.


The Bikini That’s Perfect for You: Bra tops with underwire and adjustable straps are your first choice. Molded cups are a sound pick, too.

 Black White Scallop Swimsuit

Black and White Scallop Trim Swimsuit


The Road to a Perfect Beach Bod: Low-impact exercises like walking, doing yoga, and swimming are best for you since any routines involving fast movements can immediately cause you discomfort up top. Focus on strengthening your core muscles since doing so will lessen the risk of you suffering lower back pains—a common complaint among women with fuller chests.


For the Athletic Ladies


A lot of people envy the fact that you’re perpetually slim despite having an appetite of three grown men. What they don’t know is that you feel conscious wearing a swimsuit because it’ll show you’ve got a linear figure... think Cameron Diaz.


The Bikini That’s Perfect for You: The goal here is to look for bikinis with less coverage and lots of bold prints/ruffles because these often create the illusion of a shapely silhouette. A great option would be monokinis as they often accentuate your curves.

Black Bandage Monokini

Black Bandage Monokini

The Road to a Perfect Beach Bod: Your focus should revolve around getting curvier. While a breast enlargement surgery is an option for those with enough moolah to spare, a more realistic and cheaper alternative is to start doing workouts that give you sexier curves. If you’re apprehensive at the thought of undergoing a rigorous strength training, you can always start with basic squats or pelvic-and-leg lifts.


For the Curvy Women


When you’ve got that elusive hourglass figure like Scarlett Johansson or Kim K., you’ll want to give more attention to support more than anything else. Since you’ve got the curves on all the right places to show, all that’s left for you to do is make sure they stay neatly tucked in place.


The Bikini That’s Perfect for You: Steer clear of string bikinis as they might exaggerate your shapely assets. Instead, go for pieces with high-waist bottoms or even vintage-inspired sets ala Marilyn Monroe that highlight your figure just right.

Floral High-waist Bikini

Floral High Waist Bikini

The Road to a Perfect Beach Bod: Your near-perfect figure is outright enviable. However, you need to be careful because a fuller thigh, bust, and hips can also mean a high body fat percentage. So if you want to maintain your shapeliness, keep it firm with a total body-sculpting regimen and intense cardio (think lunges, squats, push-ups, and cardio exercises). Perhaps that’s the price to pay for being blessed in the curves department.


For the Small-Busted Girls


You’re not that heavy on top and while that may drive you nuts because it makes you look more like a teen than an adult, it can be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because freedom. Play around with teenie-weenie, itsy-bitsy bikinis as much as you want!


The Bikini That’s Perfect for You: Bandeaus and you are a match made in bikini heaven! Those or you could live with swimsuits with minimal coverage or detailed halter tops to create the illusion of a larger bosom.

Pink Navy Bandeau Bikini

Pink Navy Bandeau Bikini Set


The Road to a Perfect Beach Bod: Exercise isn’t a guaranteed way to visibly increase bust size, though it doesn’t hurt if you build up your pectoral muscles to slightly lift your chest area. Instead of just focusing on your girls, a healthier alternative is to work on gaining weight naturally—basically a holistic combination of healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


For the Heavy-in-the-Middle Gals


A most common problem of women everywhere, a large tummy or one with stretch marks is partly the reason why a lot of us ladies skip beach outings and opt for staycations instead. But you carrying your weight in the middle shouldn’t be a reason not to enjoy a dip this summer at all because there are swimsuits that do hide the infamous bulge!


The Bikini That’s Perfect for You: Cleverly cut one- or two-piece suits as well as high-waisted styles can help you cover up in the middle. Kaftans can work, too—especially when you simply want to chill by the shores and enjoy a book in peace.

White Green High-waist Bikini

White and Green High Waist Bikini Set

The Road to a Perfect Beach Bod: Many swear by different health regimen for losing belly fat and a simple search on the internet will yield you thousands of ways to win the battle of the bulge. However, it all boils down to a healthy lifestyle, really. Engaging in exercise and avoiding fatty food are two of the most common advices health experts will share but, we’d rather go for these scientifically backed 9 ways to lose stubborn belly fat!  


Whether you’ve got a body like Beyoncé or you’re built more like Kate Hudson, there is a suitable swimsuit that can flatter your best assets or de-emphasize your flaws. Hopefully, this go-girl guide can help point you to the right direction in your quest to find the perfect bikini.


But if your idea of summer involves more music, booze, and desert campouts, perhaps our guide on dressing up for music festivals would be more suited to your taste. Either way, we sure are excited to see you put your most fashionable foot forward as you enjoy some fun time in the sun!





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