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4 Fashion and Beauty Hacks to Help You Slay on Prom Night

Posted: May 11 2016 by Lookbook Store

Prom corsages


We believe that a lot of our young women dream not only to have the grandest time at their prom night, but also to be the most beautiful girl on that fateful event with or without the crown. Okay. Fine. The prom queen crown would be the cherry on top of the cake. This is why a lot of our teenagers have a dilemma every promenade season.


We understand every young woman’s woes this time of the year. So, we’ve collated these useful tips to help all you girls out there to look ravishing and to slay like a queen on prom night.


If you’re ready to look your most radiant self, here are some fashion and beauty pointers to consider when you prep for this special occasion.


Tip #1 – Buying a prom dress


Now, this is the part where almost every young lady would have the hardest time. It’s almost like a life-and-death situation for a lot of prom-goers. Of course, your dress would be the first thing that your schoolmates will see on that night.


So, how do you pick the perfect dress?



Even if you wear the trendiest dress in your school formal when it doesn’t fit you right, you still won’t achieve the look you are aiming for. So the first thing to do is get a tape measure and get your vital statistics – waistline, bust, shoulder length, armhole, etc. If you want an easy-breezy shopping, or you don’t have that much time to run around town looking for the ultimate prom dress, consider shopping online. Yes, you might say that you can’t be sure about the sizing. But if you get your measurements right and refer to a shop’s size chart, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Lookbook Store clothing size chart

 Lookbook Store Size Chart



Bandage dresses or bodycons maybe too mature for a schoolgirl. But if you can rock it, and your school allows it, why not? Right? There are also long gowns or maxi dresses that are equally prom-worthy, which would give you that regal, enchanting appeal.


When choosing the style of dress you should wear to your school dance, the first factor to take into account would be your body type. Do you have an apple, inverted triangle or hourglass shape? You have a pear-shaped body if your waist and bust are smaller, while your hips are wider or rounder. If you don’t have a defined waistline (almost the same measurement as your bustline and hips), then you have a rectangular body type or athletic figure. You have an hourglass body shape if you have a tiny waist and larger busts and hips.


But if you want something that suits all body types, we’ve got these suggestions for you:

 Ruched Burgundy A-Line Gown

Ruched Burgundy A-Line Gown

Red Ruched Mermaid Gown

Red Ruched Mermaid Gown

Cutout Maxi Dress

 Cutout Maxi Dress

Cameo Color Strappy Plunge Dress

 Cameo Color Strappy Plunge Dress

White Lace Long Dress

White Lace Long Dress 

Tip #2 – Matching your dress with the right shoes

Pumps and stilettos are a given when it comes to dressy shoes. But since you’re young, wild (?) and free, it’s best to show off your youth and carefreeness not only in the dress you’ll be wearing for prom night but also in your footwear. Here are some fab shoe ideas you should definitely consider: 


Dotted Heeled Mary Janes

 Dotted Heeled Mary Janes

Platform Sandals

 Platform Sandals

Strappy Heels

 Strappy Heels


Quirky Pumps

 Quirky Pumps

open-toe heel

 Open-Toe Heels

These are all girly shoes that will surely match a feminine outfit. But if you’re someone who doesn’t like high-heeled footwear, you can always go ahead and pick ballet flats or even your trusty old sneakers. Whatever floats your boat, love. Besides, opting for something unexpected can totally up your style points and give your prom attire a fun, playful and edgy touch.


Tip #3 – Deciding on the best hairdo

Do you want to keep things romantic or classic? Fancy a flirty, quirky flair for your prom night? How about rocking an edgy look? All these can be achieved with the right outfit and of course, the right hairdo.


  • Baby buns – these would be tiny buns on each side of your hair. This is the perfect hairstyle to wear if you’re going for a fun and playful look, especially with a colorful or pastel-colored dress and sneakers.


  • Side-swept or faux undercut – this is when one side of your hair is braided or just pulled together with bobby pins to create a swept effect. We’re definitely sure this style would complement a sexy, edgy dress and strappy heels.

Side-swept hair

Prettiest side-swept hairstyles for prom


  • Messy low bun with flower crown – this is a sweet, kind of boho-looking style that would be an excellent match for a maxi dress and wedges.

 Messy low bun with flowers

 Messy low bun with flower crown


  • Bob (with or without bangs) – this hairstyle is quite versatile, which means that you can choose it to match whatever the style of your dress would be. To add more character to your do though, create natural-looking waves. Spritz a bit of texturizing spray onto your hair.

 Bob hairstyle for prom

Elegant bob hairstyle for prom


  • Sleek high ponytail – this is so high-fashion and would seriously amp up your look. Be sure to use a flat-iron to completely straighten your locks. Leave several strands of hair and twist it around your ponytail for a polished look. You’d look intense with this hairdo with Grecian-style dress.

Sleek ponytail

Sleek high ponytail


  • Embellished messy buns – pull up your tresses in a messy bun. Then, add jeweled or embellished combs to sections of the bun for a princess-like look. A ball gown or maxi dress would be an excellent match for this hairstyle.

Embellished messy bun

Embellished messy bun


Tip #4 – Making sure your makeup game is on fire


With a ton of video tutorials on how to do your own makeup, you can instantly save lots of money by going down the DIY route. You can practice weeks before your prom to ensure your look would be on fire.

 Aside from that, check out these hacks to help you slay in the makeup arena.

  • Teeth whitening – weeks before your school dance, start using teeth whitening toothpaste. That way, your smile would look extra bright and enticing, especially when you’re wearing rad lips. 


  • Glow in the dark – level up your beauty game by spraying on a lotion with a shimmering tint. This will make you glow while under the strobe lights, making you look like a goddess among your schoolmates. 


  • Do not over tan – nothing can spell disaster than a bad tan. Some girls go under the tanning bed for that healthy, beautiful glow. But careful not to overdo it. 


  • Keep your eyebrows on fleek – professional makeup artists who have made celebrities incredibly beautiful over the years have this advice that to ensure you’ll have that professionally made-up look, you need to keep your eyebrows strong. There are now lots of products in the market that can help you achieve this look. 


  • Achieve pro-looking eyeshadow – stylists recommend cream eyeshadows rather than powdered ones because they are richer and more consistent, which will be more useful when you’ll be out dancing for the entire night. To make it last longer, swipe concealer under the eyeshadow.

 prom eye makeup

Gorgeous eyeshadow fit for prom night


  • Get those power lips – use a toothbrush to get rid of any dry or dead skin. You can use a bit of lip balm to prep your lips. To achieve a fuller appearance, use a darker shade on the outer layer and a lighter tint in the middle. This will create dimension, giving you a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout.

 prom lips

 Achieving those power lips


  • Perfect your winged eye look – use Scotch tape to line your eyeliner perfectly and achieve the perfect winged look. Some people use medical tape as it doesn’t stick as much as Scotch tape to your skin. 


  • Go for bombshell eyelashes – use a blower to heat up your lash curler. Blast it for about two seconds before using it. Then, apply mascara for those superb eyelashes.

 prom mascara

 Photo by Emily Burnett with CC By 2.0 license

We hope all these tips will help you look your most beautiful, most gorgeous self on your prom night. Surely, your date wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer once he sees you climb down the stairs to meet him. *wink*


Have a grand time, loves!



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