10 Last Minute Fashion Blogger-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfits | Lookbook Store

10 Last Minute Fashion Blogger-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfits

Posted: Feb 14 2017 by Lookbook Store

10 Last Minute Fashion Blogger-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfits | Lookbook Store


Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous ladies!


We are celebrating love once again, and we know that you are sure excited for this day. Or maybe not. Although some of you may find Valentine’s Day as another Hallmark holiday, we can’t deny the fact that this day is a great excuse for putting on a fancy and top of the trend #ootd.


Whether you are going out for a romantic dinner, eating out with family, or grabbing bottles of whiskey with friends, you would of course want to keep your chic. So if you still haven’t decided what you’ll look like for Heart’s Day, chill. Here are ten super easy Valentine’s Day outfit ideas from well-known fashion bloggers. Keep scrolling, and you are guaranteed to a fabulous-looking Valentine’s Day.


Ladylike Lace

A lace dress doesn’t have to scream bridal. Lace has that natural ability to look classy and chic no matter where you add it. And you can’t definitely deny how refined you’ll look with a lace dress. Blogger Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light would surely agree to this.

HedvigOpshaug of The Northern Light | Lookbook Store

[Source: the-northernlight.com/]


Try wearing your lace dresses with sneakers. It can make your look a bit lighter and perfect for a daytime date. It will also give your whole appearance a more youthful appeal.

Plus Size Black Lace Crop-Sleeves Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

Plus Size Black Lace Crop Sleeves Skater Dress


Cute Winter Crop Top

A date night with your man calls for a cute cold-weather look. And for the record, you just need to flash only a bit of skin to catch someone’s attention. Kate Davidson, co-founder if Editorialist, proved it in her cropped turtleneck and high-waist midi skirt combo.

Kate Davidson | Lookbook Store

[Source: editorialist.com/]


Remember that for this look, if you have decided to show a hint of skin on the upper part of your body, keep the rest of it covered. Then finish off this winning look with strappy heels and a simple clutch bag. With this, you are sure to steal your man’s heart.

Black Keyhole Wrap Crop Top | Lookbook Store

Black Keyhole Wrap Crop Top


Thigh-High Slit

Don’t want that trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy look? Leave it to blogger Leandra Medine. Be brave like her and match your high-slit straight cut skirt with your lace crop top and oxfords. This outfit will simply blew people away without trying too hard.

Leandra Medine - Lookbook Store

[Source: glamour.com]


If you are planning to wear this for a romantic dinner date, try upgrading this look into a long dress with a sexy slit. You can also replace the oxfords with a pretty pair of gladiators. Go for this look and you will definitely not regret it.

Burgundy Lace-Up Long Dress | Lookbook Store

Burgundy Lace-Up Long Dress


Simple but Sultry Slips or Camis

You will surely agree when we say that there is nothing sexier than a slip dress or a camisole. Blogger Irina Lakicevicof The Portable Package proved it when she wore this super-hot slinky dress. This must be the simplest, yet the hottest piece to wear on Heart’s Day.

Irina Lakicevicof | Lookbook Store

[Source: glamour.com]


Never be afraid to put on this infallible piece if you want to impress your man. If you feel like you want to add something, try adding some accessories such as long necklace. But remember, slips and camis are great with or without accessorizing it.

White Ribbed Cami Bodycon Dress | Lookbook Store

White Ribbed Cami Bodycon Dress


Go for Bold Prints

Please, do consider a bold look on Valentine ’s Day. Such is perfect if you find pinks and reds redundant. Kendi of Kendi Everyday displayed a perfect example. She styled a classic black top with a black and white patterned midi-skirt. Plus, she finished off her stunning look with a pop of red on her lips and heels.

Kendi of Kendi Everyday | Lookbook Store

[Source: www.kendieveryday.com]


If you feel like you just want to be a little bold, opt to softer and lighter patterns. But never ever forget to lock your look with a pop of bold color, color that is not in the clothes you’re wearing. It can be red lipstick or a red pair of heels, just like what Kendi did. It can also be a yellow bag or a royal blue clutch.

Striped Midi Skirt | Lookbook Store

Striped Midi Skirt


Try Going All-Red

If you think this trend is out of the chart, you’re wrong darling. Going head-to-toe red on Valentine’s Day is a popular choice. Though some may find it off, we all know that red always works. Learn it from lovely blogger Helena Glazer of Brooklyn Blonde.

Helena Glazer | Lookbook Store



If you love Heart’s Day, then this must be the perfect outfit for you. But if you are not comfy with a red coat and pants combo, you can always go for a plain red dress. Then, shake off the monochromatic look by using your accessories. A chic shoulder bag or a cute pair of closed heels might be the perfect choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Red Sleeveless Skater Dress | Lookbook Store

Red Sleeveless Skater Dress


Pearly Whites

We keep on saying that just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our style. If you want to live by this, you have to master the art of layering. Learn it from Peony Lim as she sparkle in an all-white ensemble.

Peony Lim - Lookbook Store

[Source: peonylim.com/]


Achieve this perfect outdoor date outfit by bundling up a cozy cardigan and scarf with your white top and jeans combo. Then seal your awesome look with light colored accessories such as a bag in beige and pale pinks.

White Skinny High-Waisted Pants | Lookbook Store

White Skinny High-Waisted Pants


Daring Black

Wearing black doesn’t mean you hate Valentine’s Day. Though it’s the perfect choice if you are planning to attend an “I Hate Valentine’s Day Party”, many people also opt to all black pieces because of the sophistication it brings. Just take a look at this classy style by Ashleigh of thedaileigh.com.

Ashleigh of thedaileigh.com

[Source: thedaileigh.com]


You really can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. It’s simple, it’s easy to style, and it’s sexy. Try to wear an all-black ensemble with a hint of skin showing for a plain yet sultry look that people will surely love.

Black Ribbed Knit Bell-Sleeved Two-Piece Skirt Set | Lookbook Store

Black Ribbed Knit Bell-Sleeved Two-Piece Skirt Set


Flirty Ruffles

If you want to be an all-out girly girl on V-day, go for some ruffles. Look at how Blair Eadie of The Atlantic Pacific pulled off a wonderful chic look in her black turtleneck, tiered skirt, and peacoat. Such a winning sweet ootd!

Blair Eadie | Lookbook Store

[Source: the-atlantic-pacific.com]


Achieve a totally sweet girl look by choosing pieces with ruffles. It would also great if you would choose soft colors such as pastel pinks and blues. Of course, you have to seal in your look with a fab pair of your favorite heeled sandals or shoes.

Light Blue Ruffled Off-Shoulder Pompom Dress | Lookbook Store

Light Blue Ruffled Off-Shoulder Pompom Dress


Little Black Dress

What could ever go wrong with a little black dress? Except for the fact that it is always event-appropriate, from fancy dinner to partying with friends, it is very easy to style and you always have that one infallible piece in your closet.

Little Black Dress | Lookbook Store

[Source: glamour.com]


Choose a little black dress with a twist. Might be an interesting hemline or sleeves, or one with mixed materials. Then you can style it depending on the event you are attending. Wear it with flats or with strappy heels. The possibilities are indeed limitless.

Black Illusion-Neck Sleeveless Mini Dress | Lookbook Store

Black Illusion-Neck Sleeveless Mini Dress


There you go, ladies! Hope you’re all Valentine’s Day-ready now. Be gorgeous, and spread some love!



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