Lookbook Store Thanksgiving Giveaway

Lookbook Store Thanksgiving Giveaway

Join Lookbook Store Thanksgiving Giveaway now!

Thank you for your continued support you've given to Lookbook Store, As our way of showing our gratitude, we're throwing a great Giveaway to celebrate this great festival. Here are the details for this giveaway:

$500 e-giftcard - 1 winner
$200 e-giftcard - 2 winners
$100 e-giftcard - 3 winners
1 item under $50 - 6 winners
*Contest period: Nov. 27 - Dec. 4
*Tips: Share this with your friend to get extra entries! The more you share, the bigger chance you will win!
*Tweet this message to get extra entries DAILY!
*The lucky winner will be announced at Lookbook Store Thanksgiving Giveaway Page on Dec. 5!

Our new Giveaway is coming soon! Please don't hesitate and wait any more. Welcome to join us!


Thanksgiving Giveaway Winners List

$500 e-giftcard ----Gloria Ramirez(gloria.viri*****@gmail.com)

$200 e-giftcard ---------Andrea Darst(andre*****@yahoo.com)

$200 e--giftcard ------------Sarah Wr(sarahweih*****@aol.com)

$100 e-giftcard ----------------Lorena(lorenal*****@gmail.com)

$100 e-giftcard ----Dakota Evans(dakotaev*****@yahoo.com)

        $100 e-giftcard ----Victoria Hernandez(hernande*****@yahoo.com)

1 item under $50 ----Ally Lepore(ally.l*****@yahoo.com)

1 item under $50 ----Francesca Nela(kikka-chiar*****@live.it)

1 item under $50 ----Sarah Rodriguez(prued*****@msn.com)

1 item under $50 ----Silvia Barredo Herrero(sb*****@hotmail.com)

1 item under $50 ----monica (purple*****@hotmail.com)

1 item under $50 ----Eva quintero(ev*****@hotmail.com)

a Lookbook Store Thanksgiving giveaway


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